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Dunamis Construction is a part of Dunamis Development Group – a leading UK home improvement company based in South West London. We help transform our client’s designs and imaginations into reality. Dunamis approach to renovation and transformation of homes brings measurable benefits to our client’s designs. Quite simply, Dunamis delivers results. We have a proven track record in improving homes and designs from extending lofts, to converting garages to building basement extensions and even new construction buildings. As a flexible and committed home development partner, we work with property developers who are looking for experienced construction companies to supervise their property projects. We are consistent in bringing excellence to our client’s requirements. Our extensive capabilities and infrastructure enable us to step-up service efficiency, quality and flexibility, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – all at an agreed affordable cost.

Dunamis Construction Ltd.

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We strive for excellence and our work speaks for itself.

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We employ a simple iterative process that ensures repeatable quality and success









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